Prayer Ministry Courses

Prayer Ministry is at the core of how Christian Prayer Ministries operates. Prayer Ministry courses provide an opportunity to receive in-depth teaching about the reasons behind the problems, which hinder so many people throughout their lives, and learn about the wonderful way in which the Lord Jesus can bring release from those things, which bind so tightly.

  • Following the teaching sessions, there are individual Prayer Ministry times, where course members receive a period of personal ministry from two of our Prayer Ministers. Prayer Ministry Courses conclude with a teaching session on ‘Walking Free’, which helps ensure that the benefit received is not just for the moment, but something that goes on making a real difference in the individual’s life each and every day.
  • Prayer Ministry Courses are non residential and run over a series of evenings and a Saturday or two consecutive Saturdays. They are normally held at a local church or suitable meeting rooms.
  • We recommend that you set time aside after the course to reflect on what has happened, and to allow God, through His Holy Spirit, to help consolidate what should have been a very significant event in your life.
  • Our Prayer Ministers are obliged to operate under our Code of Ethics and Practice, which requires that what is revealed, is confidential, (subject to any legal requirements) between those in the Prayer Ministry session. Those receiving Prayer Ministry may themselves wish to share with others some of the amazing things which God has done for them.
  • Behind each Prayer Ministry Course there is a team of people who pray for each Prayer Ministry Appointment. This occurs over the weeks before the courses and whilst the course is in progress. Prayer underpins this ministry. These courses are about the supernatural intervention of a loving Father and not about the wisdom of man.