Testimony 1

I would like to tell you about what happened to me on the Christian Prayer Ministries Course held in Oakley on 9th and 16th May 2015. After a life time of abuse and misery, and having suffered from depression for 16 years, and with several other medical problems, I went on the course with an open mind and heart. I wanted to be healed in some way, and prayed beforehand that if Jesus could heal just one thing,it would be the depression, as I had had no hope for many years.

The teaching day was encouraging and positive,and I learned a lot about the process of the ministry. The Ministry appointment was an amazing experience,with gentle and understanding leading. ‘labels’ that I had lived with for all or part of my life were taken away and placed in the shape of a cross,then torn apart. There were 13 ‘labels’. At the end of the day I was overcome by the Holy Spirit. I was very tired on the Sunday, but by Monday I knew that the depression had been lifted! He is amazing,
I feel
wonderful, in love with the Lord and myself!

I am coming off my depression medication in consultation with my G.P. who is amazed at the progress I am making. I am much more positive and know who I am in Christ (loved, blessed). He gives me strength when before I would just sit and weep. My Church friends are delighted with all the work that has been done in me.

Thank you, CPM, for making it all possible. I would love to go on and help other people as you have helped me. life has never been so good!

Angela Rush (with help from Jesus)