Training in prayer ministries

Training with CPM – healing the Jesus way


For those demonstrating with evidence, a calling to prayer ministry, this is the process towards Accreditation.  Accreditation as a Prayer Minister is available to members of CPM who are in a right relationship with God, are considered to be in good standing with fellow members of the organisation and comply with the CPM Code of Ethics and Practice. If you feel God is calling you to this ministry and can provide evidence of that calling, please read this section, and then make contact to the Web Administrator through the email link at the bottom of the page.

The Training Programme

Regulations standing at 23rd March 2011.
The training programme shall consist of a series of three stages, all of which must be completed.


Attendance at two Prayer Ministry Courses, National or Regional. These courses are aimed at personal Prayer Ministry. The basic concepts of Prayer Ministry are taught.


Attendance at a Training Course One. (TC1)

The aim of the Training Course One is to teach the basic principles and practice of Prayer Ministry using the insights of Christian Prayer Ministries, up to Support Prayer Minister level.

Prior to attendance at this course candidates must gain experience as a “backup” at a minimum of three Prayer Ministry Appointments. This may be carried out at a Regional Prayer Ministry Course or in a local situation under the leadership of a CPM Accredited Prayer Minister, who will verify that these have taken place.

Following the satisfactory completion of the Training Course One and after completing two Prayer Ministry Appointments as a Support Prayer Minister, an application may be made to the Training Sub Committee for the awarding of Support Prayer Minister status. If considered satisfactory a certificate to that effect will be awarded by the Executive Committee


For those candidates who wish to further their training to achieve Accredited Prayer Minister status (Lead Prayer Minister).

Attendance at a Training Course Two. (TC2)

Prior to attendance at this course candidates must:-
Gain further experience during at least ten Prayer Ministry Appointments, the majority of which will be during CPM Prayer Ministry courses; all must be with a CPM Accredited Prayer Minister. As a minimum, at five of these ten Prayer Ministry Appointments the candidate must take the role of Lead Prayer Minister, with the Support Prayer Minister role being taken by an experienced Accredited Prayer Minister.
A logbook must be kept of these appointments and each one must be “signed off” by the Accredited Prayer Minister in attendance. Certain knowledge and competence requirements also need to be “signed off”.

The record (logbook) of Prayer Ministry Appointments must be presented for scrutiny by the Training Sub Committee before acceptance onto the Training Course Two. (TC2)

The aim of the Training Course Two is to revise previous teaching and to make a final assessment of the candidates prior to granting full Accreditation.

After the Training Course Two, one of the following three recommendations will be made.

  1. Recommend full Accreditation.
  2. Recommend full Accreditation after the following items have been re-assessed.
  3. Recommend attendance at a further Training Course Two after gaining further experience as a supervised Lead Prayer Minister on at least five further Prayer Ministry Appointments, which are recorded in the logbook.


To retain accredited status, paid up membership of CPM must be maintained, as well as strict adherence to the Code of Ethics and Practice. If you would like to register your name for consideration to become an accredited Prayer Minister under the auspices of CPM please click here to send an email to Website Admin.