Membership applications

Members are those who are interested in furthering the objects of CPM, are over 18, have paid the annual subscription and been accepted on to the register of Members by the Executive Committee.

Of course married couples can be members, but each to be recognised individually by their own application and subscription.

Registered Members can vote for representatives to serve on the Executive and Regional Committees.

Members will receive news of the organisation, nationally or locally, by post or e-mail.

Members make an annual subscription of £15, renewable from 1st September each year. Half yearly subscription of £7.50 applies if joining after March 1st for current year.   Members are encouraged to pay by standing order. Forms  for Membership Application and Gift Aid can be downloaded here for Membership and Gift Aid.

CPM is Registered Charity Number 1090856.

Subscriptions and other donations by tax payers can become Gift Aided.