This website is currently in the ‘wireframe’ stage.

Website wireframes help us focus on:

  1. what content is most important to website visitors
  2. the actions we want website visitors to complete
  3. the names we give pages and how we group and order them
  4. the usability of menus, forms and other interactive features

free from the distraction of website content or design

Please consider:

  • The quantity and wording of Tier 1 menu items:  5-8 is normal and should include Home, Contact and About us
  • Structure of tier 2 and 3 menus :  hierarchical structure or based on attributes?
  • Wording of tier 2 and 3 menu items: full or summarised products names?
  • The detail you want customers to give you vs. the detail they are willing to give on a web form