Testimony 2

  Testimony of Christine’s Ministry Time

When I was encouraged, by a fellow Christian, to attend a CPM course, I thought I was going to find out more about my purpose as a Christian within my community. Instead of learning about what God wants from me, I learnt a lot more about what He wants for me.

As I listened to the talks on the Preparation Day, I was surprised how tearful and emotional I felt. It became clear to me that wounds, which I thought had healed, were still causing me pain.

The following week, when I attended my ministry appointment, I explained to my prayer ministers that my wounds seemed minor compared to the terrible wounds many other people have inflicted upon them. I was assured that in God’s eyes my wounds were just as significant as everyone else’s. After I had talked about the wounding I had experienced, I was asked to describe how I thought God saw me. All I could come up with was the word – reliable. I just could not think of anything else. When words like: special, precious and cherished were suggested by one of the ministers, I just could not associate myself with such words.

Having identified insignificance as a cause of the pain that I had been experiencing, my prayer ministers were able to help me break the hold of lies spoken about me. I was then led to a place where I could forgive someone who, by comparing me unfairly with others, had wrongly labelled me as insignificant.

As my prayer ministers read encouraging bible verses to me, I pictured myself in a different way – as someone precious to God.

Towards the end of my ministry time, I was asked again how I thought God saw me. This time I answered, “I am significant. I have great worth.  I am cherished.  The Lord delights in me.” My prayer ministers were quite taken aback! As I said these words, evidently my head lifted up.

Later, when we all gathered for worship, I actually felt taller and wondered whether other people could see that.

I now know that I will not be hidden anymore; I can expect to be noticed. As I walk (tall), I know that I can rely on God to direct my path; He has good things in store for me.