About CPM

Christian Prayer Ministries helps Christians have a deeper relationship with Jesus, and to become more effective in their Christian lives.

Prayer Ministry courses

These have varying formats, but contain the same teaching and ministry. The teaching explains that everyone is received into God’s love in their broken state. This brokenness is defined under the four areas of sins, bondages, enemy oppression and wounding. The teaching on these areas allows the Holy Spirit to bring to the surface those things, which God wants to address through forgiveness, release, deliverance and healing. Following the teaching, time is given for individual course members to receive three to four hours of personal ministry from two Prayer Ministers.

Prayer Ministry appointments

These are carried out on a Prayer Ministry Course or in a local situation and are always done in an atmosphere of acceptance, with prayer support and a guarantee of confidentiality. In a local situation it may not always be necessary to have a full Prayer Ministry Appointment. Those receiving ministry, are expected to recognise their responsibility to work with God in the healing process.

Training courses

Training Courses are carried out in various centres across the country by the National Training Team, which is appointed by the Executive Committee. A member of CPM who has attended a minimum of two Prayer Ministry courses and feels called to this Ministry, can test their calling by active involvement in Regional events and Ministry.


Some of the work of CPM is carried out by the Regions. These Regions are led by Committees of Elected Members who plan local activities to promote and carry out the Ministry. Aside from individual Prayer Ministry Appointments, the main work of the Regions is done in Local Meetings, Introductory Days and Non Residential Prayer Ministry Courses, which meet the National Standards of CPM.

We will travel to other areas in order to hold courses if invited.


Christian Prayer Ministries is a Registered Charity, set up to provide a network of trained and Accredited Prayer Ministers, and to make this ministry in its teaching and practice available in local churches. All other CPM members support this work in a variety of ways. It is managed by an Executive Committee, elected by and representing the geographical Regions of CPM, across the United Kingdom. CPM has a written Constitution to which the Executive Committee is accountable.
Although recognising the value of other methods of healing, this ministry, led by the Holy Spirit, is based upon the redeeming work of the cross and the foundational truths of Scripture.


This is a work of God, which applies the victory of the cross, by the power and leading of the Holy Spirit to the lives of His children to bring them to maturity in Christ.

Our dependence is on Christ, the application of His word and our obedience to His leading. As members of His body we are accountable not only to Him but also to one another.

Isaiah 51: 15-16